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      About Silkway

      Silkway Bazar was created with the idea of connecting the world to the magnificient handicrafts of Central Asia. In ancient times the region was the center of the Silk Road and thus a focal point of art, culture, sciences and trade.

      To this day, there continues to exist a deep tradition of handicrafts there that most people do not know about, but which deserve more visibility. Silkway Bazar endeavours to showcase to the world the best that Central Asia has to offer in terms of the traditional crafts: suzanis, carpets, knives, ceramics and others.

      We work directly with the artisans with no middle men involved so that our customers can enjoy these treasures from the Silk Road at the lowest possible prices.


      + - who we are

      Silkway Bazar is led by Laszlo Peter. Half Hungarian, half Kyrgyz, he endeavours to follow in the footsteps of his great grandfather Imanaly, who was a merchant along one of the routes of the Silk Road that connected the Issyk-Ul region to the Ferghana Valley.

      + - where do you source from?

      Currently Silkway Bazar is sourcing from artisans located mainly in Uzbekistan and to a smaller extent Kyrgyzstan. As we move forward, the plan is to include suppliers from Tajikistan, Western China, Kazakhstan, and if the geopolitcal situation allows it, then from Turkmenistan and Afghanistan as well.

      + - where do you ship to and from where?

      We ship worldwide. Some products will be shipped directly from Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, while others will be shipped from Silkway Bazar’s EU base in Budapest.

      + - are your products handmade?

      Absolutely everything that is sold on Silkway Bazar is handmade and done so in accordance with traditional methods. The whole concept of the store is based on the idea to introduce the world to the deep traditions and high esthetics of Central Asian handicrafts. As a result, we are very careful to only work with handmade, traditionally produced products that use only locally sourced materials.

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